Grab your hat, gloves and a paddle- you can go on a rafting trip any time of the year in this Michigan town.

We love all four seasons in Michigan, and sometimes it's hard to pick a favorite. Two of the most popular clash on Winter rafting trips on the Sturgeon River near Gaylord. Big Bear Adventures and Sturgeon River Paddlesports each offer trips down the river with the fastest current in the Lower Peninsula all year 'round.

As you might guess, the businesses are very busy in the Spring, renting kayaks, canoes, rafts and tubes with the season peaking during the Summer months and tapering off in Autumn. The thing is, the season is never over as the boats continue to float even when the swimsuits are packed away until next year.

They promise you won't get wet other than an occasional splash. (This is not like one of those amusement park rides where you get doused and have to walk around in wet shoes for the rest of the day.) No skill is required; you just float down stream in the boat. Occasionally you may have to paddle, but there are no significant rapids and this is not a whitewater trip like you might find out West.

If you've ever gone tubing, canoeing or kayaking on a Michigan river, you know how peaceful and scenic it can be. Now, take away all the other boats. Quiet, right? Imagine the scenery with a crisp, clean layer of fresh, virgin snow. This is a true adventure in our Winter Water Wonderland.

Take a look at the video below and see what the voyage is like. Be sure to send us pictures if you decide to make the trip. Bonus points if you color coordinate your scarf and your PFD.

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