It's one of the oldest gags in the world, a little air pillow that makes a fart sound when you sit on it. And the man who invented it is known for far more quality things than the whoopee cushion.

The Whoopee Cushion Had Its Start In 1503

That's when the inventor first proposed it in that year, it was in a pile of light hearted stuff the inventor was trying out, including a version of the old 'snake in a can' trick that also graces the aisles of novelty shops world wide. (Are there still novelty shops?)

In his writings he mentioned something called a cuscino da stridente, or screeching pillow. It was based on his knowledge of the human anatomy, and basically recreated a human colon filling with air and then being relieved when it was sat upon.

“The device, once filled with air, becomes a flatulence machine in the waiting,” he wrote, according to ArtNet News. “Activating the sound is a plain act of getting the fool to sit down upon it.”

The Project Sat In His Study Until He Needed It

The idea was never acted on until four years later when its inventor was invited to the same gathering as his nemesis, the artist Raphael. Looking for way to get some laughs while at the same time humiliating his rival, our beloved inventor put his cuscino da stridente together using a cow's bladder, and shoved it under Raphael's chair cushion, effectively hiding it.

ArtNet News says the cushion worked wonderfully, and its inventor bragged about its success:

In a letter to Pacioli, then in Padua, (our beloved inventor) gleefully recalled his prank.

“Cesare had invited 200 of his closest associates for the gathering,” he wrote. “Raphael arrived later than most, and took to his chair without the faintest idea. The explosive eruption he caused shocked everyone. It was splendid, splendid.”

So Who Invented The Whoopee Cushion?

None other than one of the best artists and minds of the Renaissance, Leonardo diVinci.

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Yup, one of the most brilliant minds in history had a fun side, and loved fart sounds!

And now you know the REST OF THE STORY....

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