This issue of what people on assistance should and shouldn't be allowed to buy has come up several times over the years.  The last time, if memory serves me, was whether to allow the purchase of tobacco products.  That issue is pretty clear cut but where does the election/selection process end?  Some argue that a list should be put together to ensure that tax dollars be spent responsibly.  Well, another similar issue has come up.

According to an article on, a bill is being proposed in Texas to ban the purchase of junk food and soda with food stamps.  Now, some will argue that's a pretty broad spectrum different from tobacco products and doesn't allow for the variety of life that most enjoy.  Others will argue that if it's not good for you, tax dollars should not be spent.  Anytime an issue like this gains national attention we can expect it will also gain the attention of our state and local leaders.  Stay tuned.  For more on the issue click HERE.

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