So, let's see where we are at this point in the legalization of marijuana in Michigan.  Recreational pot is legal to grow and possess but cannot be purchased legally.  Many communities have banned the future sale while others have already begun the process of issuing licenses.  Meanwhile, the peripheral products like CBD oil are being sold at more and more places than ever before.  But now comes word that an area farmers market is banning the sale of CBD oil and hemp.

In an article on, the Fulton St. farmers market in Grand Rapids has decided to prevent any sale of the products until more information comes from the government despite the fact that all other "lights seem to be green" so to speak.  The Federal government as well as the Michigan Government say it's OK and legal to sell these products.  The question is: Will other farmers markets like the one in Kalamazoo follow suit?  We'll have to wait and see.


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