The legal marijuana saga continues into the Michigan Summer.  At this point we've still got cities and municipalities restricting the sale of recreational marijuana, the lack of availability in communicates that don't restrict sales and law enforcement trying their best to enforce the laws that still exist.  Which brings us to the latest installment of "Legal Marijuana: How Laws Have Changed".

In an article on, sheriff's departments around the state are preparing as the first traditional boating weekend of the year is upon us.  As they are tasked with enforcing the laws on the lakes, they now have to deal with recreational marijuana.  The law states that marijuana can be on board a boat as long it's within the legal amount and can be smoked on board a boat if the boat has closed quarters.  As far as other concerns, there is still a significant amount of gray area and cases will be dealt with on an individual basis.  Get more information by clicking HERE.


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