We've learned so much during the Polar Vortex of 2019.  The wind chill equation, the frostbite equation, the hot water to mist equation and so much more.  I have to admit that, despite the danger that this weather phenomenon poses, I'm fascinated by the effects this particular weather has on people and other things.  Now, I've heard of "snow thunder", which I don't think this pattern produces, but I've never heard of "Frost Quakes"!

According to CNN in an article I saw on msn.com, Chicago may have already experienced Frost Quakes.  Apparently, several Chicagoans woke up from a series of "booms" which many perceived as their furnace biting it.  But no, it was probably Frost Quakes which happen when the water underground freezes causing the soil and rock to CRACK much like an earthquake.  Of course, unlike an earthquake, there won't be any widespread death and destruction but how cool is that?  Get More of the story by clicking HERE.



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