It's a sign of the times; or maybe it's a sign of High Times.  You may remember the magazine.  As recent progress should suggest, communities have gone from "absolutely not" to "how can we make money on this?"  In just the last week, the city of Kalamazoo had begun looking at how the retail sales of marijuana would be facilitated and the Federal Government finally showed up to allow shops to use banks instead of cash-only which is a huge step toward progress.

Now, in an article on, lawyers are getting involved in what would become marijuana bars or, as they're being called, "Social Consumption Bars".  Right now the city of Detroit is trying to get ahead of the game and become the progressive leader in this area.  The premise is, just like alcohol has bars where people can consume alcohol, it's only natural because you can't consume alcohol in on the street or in most parks.  The same could be said for marijuana.  Get more details of the plan by clicking HERE.

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