Here we are just over 100 days since the economic fallout from the Coronavirus Pandemic and there are still many questions as to what the future holds.  As we begin another month, more questions will come to the forefront that will affect our economic well being.

On a positive note, the response to unemployment claims with the CARES Act seemed to come faster than anyone expected.  Certainly there are some who have yet to benefit but stimulus checks went out swiftly and unemployment benefits were installed as well.

In fact, for what may be the first time, the compensation exceeded what many were making while working.  That extra $600 each week made things a little easier on people struggling with so many other issues.

Then something unusual started to be heard.  People realized that not only were they making more by staying unemployed but also they were questioning whether they even wanted their job back.

Certainly they realized the extra money wouldn't last forever along with the standard compensation right?  This situation has actually put some pressure on local businesses trying to re-open and become solvent.

So here's what lies in store.  For most the extra $600 from federal will end on July 25th or 26th.  However, there's a HEROES Act that could extend the $600 through the end of the year.  A second proposal would continue the $600 until each state ends it's pandemic emergency and a third proposal is a $450 supplement if the person returns to work.

As we continue to say, it's a wait and see situation.

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