Smoking has certainly been in the news lately with the Governor banning flavored e-cigarettes and the recent deaths and other health issues caused by vaping.  When you think about it the war on smoking has been going on for quite a while.  In an era where "shaming" has, in some cases, become absurd, the campaign against smoking included a lot of shaming.  And when smoking was banned first in restaurants and bars to essentially any indoor area, some people thought that would kill businesses and the industry.

So what's the next step?  It could be more outdoor banning and this time on Michigan beaches.  In an article on, Michigan lawmakers may be close to voting on a bill that already has a foothold as the village of Elk Rapids has already instituted a ban.  And it's not unprecedented in the rest of the country as other states and more than 300 coastal communities have told people to "Butt Out"!!!



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