No, we're not talking about scarecrows, or something literally made of corn. This also isn't about any children that might be living in the fields, that give . THIS... is the story of a very large creature that calls the central Michigan corn fields its home

And you would be wise to leave it alone.

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As the legend goes, locals of the village of Winn, in central Michigan, claim a monster lurks in the cornfields.

"A shadowy figure that looks like a large, disheveled man, emerges from the stalks and scares anyone driving in the rural area late at night"

There was allegedly an encounter in 2003 from a delivery man, who stopped on a country road near Wynn one night to rest. He got out of his truck to stretch his legs, and the next thing he knew, "a frightening human-like creature appeared on the edge of the cornfield."

He got back into his truck and drove away.


In fact, the area in which the Winn Corn Monster has been seen is very small. Nearly every encounter has been on W. Coe Road in Isabella County.

It is interesting, though to think about WHY this creature elects to stay in such a small area, and how it remains so elusive.

Also, what happens if something other than corn is planted in those fields? Does it become the Winn Soybean Monster? Winn Wheat Monster? Winn Cabbage Monster?

Those are much shorter crops, so the Monster might have to resort to crawling out of the field.

Also, where does he go when the corn is harvested? Does he have a cabin in the area, in the nearby woods he hangs out in, until the corn is planted?

But, here I am trying to make sense of a known cryptid, that HAS actual real-world experiences. Who am I to question the existence of the Winn Corn Monster?

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