While we are enjoying less snow than in recent years, Calumet has more than 200 inches this Winter. What do you do with all that snow?

The small village of Calumet is in Houghton County, on the upper peninsula of Michigan's Upper Peninsula- about halfway up that arm with Copper Harbor at the tip. They get a lot of snow. More than 200 inches of snow has fallen so far this Winter.

Main Street Calumet shared some amazing photos to Facebook, showing not only how much snow they get, but how they get rid of all of it. You can only plow the roads so many times before all the snow begins to accumulate and the streets start to narrow. Eventually, you have to bring in the heavy equipment and give the banks a "fresh cut."

That equipment may not be parked for Spring yet as things are slowly warming up, but Funinthe UP.com says "things can change through with cool Artic [sic] winds coming down from Canada. Lake Superior helps give us some unpredictable snowfalls so anything can happen. This is the time of the year where we can really start seeing some big snowfalls in the 10-20 inch range as things start warming up."

Good luck, Yoopers!

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