This is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity! In a rare move, a "package of mansions" is for sale in Michigan's copper country for the low low price of $2.9 million.

As the original listing stated, included in the sale are 8 rare properties located near Laurium, MI which is just 12 miles from Michigan Tech. What you choose to do with your properties is up to you-- make one your full-time residence, invest in rental properties, or sell a few off! The possibilities are endless.

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The highlight of this historic sale is the Thomas H. Hoatson house, which has been operating as the Laurium Manor Inn since 1989.  The 13,000 square foot mansion was originally built 1908 for the wealthy Hoatson family, who owned and operated the Calumet and Arizona Mining Company.

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places and considered the "largest mansion in the western Upper Peninsula of Michigan", the Hoatson House boasts a total of 45 rooms, a hand-carved oak triple staircase, and a wall-size built-in icebox made of marble in the kitchen. There's even "gilded and embossed elephant leather wall coverings" in the dining room-- whatever that means.

After the Hoatson family left the home, the property changed hands several times before becoming the Thomas Funeral Home in 1949. However, the funeral home met its end when owner Maynard R. Hurlburt committed a double-murder-suicide there in 1979. That would leave me to believe there's a strong chance the inn is haunted!

Each property will come fully furnished including paintings, stained glass, and relics. The Laurium Manor Inn, Victorian Hall, Yellow House, carriage house- among others- are included in the $2.9 million price. These properties are truly exquisite, take a look below:

Once in a Lifetime Opportunity to Own Multiple Mansions in Laurium, MI

The bundle of 8 properties includes the infamous Laurium Manor Inn.

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