It's Tiktok Tuesday!

Meet Nate Grypma, or @n.gryps on Tiktok.

Nate is a student at WMU set to graduate in 2023, according to his Tiktok bio. So far, Nate has managed to rack up nearly 17 thousand followers with his videos. Most of which are about his college life.

However, while I don't know where Nate is from, judging by his grasp on all things Michigan, I'm going to guess he grew up here. For example:

Because if there's one thing Michiganders can agree on, it's that we are all constantly disappointed by the Lions.

Nate's most viral video (currently at 3 million views) shows him sporting a...unique outfit which was apparently for a class presentation:

Yeah...respect the drip, Karen. Hopefully, Nate really did ace that presentation with that level of dedication.

He also managed to amass over 120k views on a video showing the "hidden gem" of Kalamazoo:

Confused? You should be as this view is, in fact, not in Michigan but rather in Ireland. The passing Molly Gallivan's sign is the clue. A quick Google search shows it to be a vacation-type property with cottages on a farm. Nate, I'm sure, intended it as an obvious joke for those who live in Michigan to understand. Hopefully, some poor soul doesn't hop on the road to find these views in Kalamazoo. Think that's ridiculous? It already happened this year: A Fake Tiktok Duped a Woman Into a Road Trip.

Congrats, Nate, on being this week's Tiktok Tuesday featured creator! And, good luck with the remainder of your college courses.

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