East Hall was once the main building on Western Michigan University's campus, dating back to 1904. Up for grabs at this week's Surplus Sale is a piece of hardwood floor that was once a basketball court inside East Hall.

The Surplus Sale is being held Wednesday August 16 and the list price for the floor is $250.

Today East Hall stands partially demolished and the university has remade the remaining portion of the building into an Alumni Center, part of the historic East Campus that overlooks Kalamazoo via Prospect Hill.

The flooring is likely from a 1947 addition to the hall that included a gymnasium.

See all the items WMU is currently offering at their Surplus Sale via their Facebook page.

While the Surplus Sales often include discarded furniture, electronics and office equipment - there are some rare and truly odd items, like the old gurney that once wheeled patients around the Kalamazoo Psychiatric Hospital that was offered for sale in March.

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