A 27-year old Pennfield area woman is in jail today after she allegedly used a gun to rip off someone advertising on Facebook Marketplace.

Calhoun County Sheriff’s Deputies got the call on Monday night at about 7:30.  They went to a home in the 3000 block of 3 ½ Mile Road just north of Athens after a resident said they were robbed at gunpoint.

Deputies were told the victim was selling a speaker on Facebook Marketplace and had made arrangements for a potential buyer to meet him at his home.  He told police the woman arrived with a man in his late 20’s and said they wanted to put the speaker in their car to test that it worked.  The seller said ok, but once the speaker was in the car the couple tried to speed off without paying for it.   When the seller tried to stop them, the woman pulled out a handgun and pointed it directly at him, and made threats as she drove away.

Deputies were able to identify a suspect and went to an address on Harriet Lane in Pennfield Township. They found what they believed to be the suspect’s vehicle and saw a handgun that resembled the one used in the robbery, lying on the floor of the vehicle.  As deputies drove up, they saw individuals fleeing into the residence, and they initially refused to come to the door. The homeowner eventually came to the door but was uncooperative and refused to provide any information about the vehicle or who was inside the house.  So police got a search warrant which was served by the Calhoun County Special Response Team.

Inside the house, deputies found the suspect along with the stolen property. She was taken into custody without further incident and is currently being held on charges of armed robbery.

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