Say you're spending some time in the great north woods of Michigan. All of a sudden you hear the distinct sound of wood knocking together. Any idea what that would indicate?

Those who believe in the Bigfoot phenomenon say the wood knocking is a warning from the creature not to venture any further into their lands.

The possibility of Bigfoot in Michigan came up recently when a viral video claimed to capture an unidentified creature on a trail cam. Odd creatures are no stranger to the Michigan woods. The most commonly spoke of being the Dogman.

This video comes from the Smoky Mountains and contains the sounds purported to be the Bigfoot knocking.

StudySasquach posted this video filmed in Washington state with the description,

As the people approach the camp, the four wood knocks can be heard. Apparently the camp was being observed or inspected.

For a more peaceful view of the woods, this video is a very calm, Bigfoot-free trek through a Northern Michigan forest. Of course, sometimes the woods can be too calm. That was the experience had by two hikers who found a 'dead zone' along the North Country Trail in the Upper Peninsula.

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