Work habits changed during the pandemic and some people are still working from home, What if you could work from your boat? Of course it's a thing in Michigan.

At 3,288 miles, Michigan's shoreline is second-longest only to Alaska in length. The Great Lakes State owns the recognition for the most miles of freshwater coastline in the entire country, and we have almost as many lakes as Minnesota's 10,000. California is the only state with more registered boats, and they only win by about 50,000.

With 1,000,000+ pleasure crafts in the state, it is now easier for Michiganders to use their boat as a home office with the new 'Work from Harbor' program. There are 83 state-sponsored harbors across the mitten, and some are being outfitted with a big digital aid. WiFi service is being added at Cedar River, De Tour, East Tawas, Lexington, Mackinac Island, Presque Isle, Straits and Port Austin state harbors. Installation will be done throughout the summer, so call ahead to confirm availability. Michigan Department of Natural Resources confirms that WiFi is already available at Snail Shell Harbor inside Fayette Historic State Park, Copper Harbor and Milliken State Harbor in Detroit. As the program continues to grow, we hope to see more on the west coast.

An internet connection may be the most essential tool you need to work from home on the boat, but don't forget about the sun. Polarized sunglasses should help you see the screen better through the glare, and sunblock is essential if you are set up on the salon deck. MyBoatLife has more tips on how to make 'Work from Harbor' work for you.

Final tip: you may want to hold off on the rum until happy hour.

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