If I wasn't in the "music business" there's a good chance I wouldn't bother to watch the Grammys.  For one thing, Rock has been all but forgotten and, unlike the Oscars that set aside popularity for quality, the Grammys are all about popularity.  There are more Rap categories than Rock categories and yet, rappers think they should be in the R&R HOF.  Ok... a little off the subject.

So anyway, every year I watch and every year I'm disappointed.  This year, however, the program reached a new low.  I don't know what you think but these are my Top 5 (or should they be bottom 5) worst moments from the worst Grammy's ever.

1. Mic not working during Metallica and Lady Gaga.

2. Megadeath winning their Grammy and walk up to Metallica's "Master Of  Puppets".

3.  Adele having to start over during the George Michael Tribute.  Plus didn't recognize the   song.

4.  Lavern Cox didn't bother to introduce Metallica only Lady Gaga.

5.  Whatever the hell Beyonce did.  Was there a song in there somewhere?

[No video.  Don't waste your time]


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