Yes, the 2 wins, 13 losses and 1 tie Detroit Lions beat the 13 wins and 3 lose Green Bay Packers with Aaron Rodgers sitting out the second half so as not to be injured for the playoffs.

Was that the wises thing for them to do since they beat them with less than two minutes to by scoring a touchdown.  Their running back D’Andre Swift scored the winning touchdown with 1:54 to play.  Propelling the Detroit Lions to a 37-30 win.  After the game at the press conference their coach Dan Campbell said:

I did think we played some of our best football…There’s still a lot that we always want to be able to correct and it'll never be perfect, but we said we wanted to go take the hard road one more time, and our guys did that. They really did. They came out and competed and earned that win. I was proud of them.

The Lions went into the game with the second pick in the upcoming NFL draft.  Unless the 2 wins and 14 loses Jacksonville Jaguars were to pull off a gigantic upset and beat the 9 wins and 7 loses Indianapolis Colts.  No one expected the Jaguars to come even close to beating the Colts. Well as they say “on any given Sunday”, an NFL team can be beaten.  That is exactly what the Jaguars did, they pulled off the unexpected and beat the Colts 26-11.

If the Detroit Lions would have lost, they would have moved up to clinch the first pick in the NFL Draft this April. Now the Lions will pick second for the third time since 2007.

If you were the Owner, General Manager and Coach of the Lions would you have thought about taking a knee and intentionally not attempting to win the game to have a shot at the first draft pick?

There was nothing in it for the Lions to win last Sunday other than pride.  There was something to lose and that was the first draft pick and they did.

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