A long-haired New York Yankees batboy went viral this week for his lengthy flowing mane, as Sports Illustrated and the New York Post reported. And it seems the batboy, Nate Rosenhaus, is looking to turn the opportunity into a boon for his band.

The Yankees organization famously prohibits its baseball club from having long hair. But an exception was made for Rosenhaus, who plays drums in the Cleveland rock band The Open Doors.

See a clip from the game near the bottom of this page.

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The exception was made because Rosenhaus actually works for the Cleveland Guardians. He was the visiting team's batboy for the MLB series (April 10-12) at Cleveland's Progressive Field.

But he still got some good-natured flak on-air from broadcaster Michael Kay for his long hair. Kay joked that Rosenhaus was "disobeying" the Yankees with his long hair and facial hair, the Post reported.

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"Good, I hope it does," Yankees first baseman Anthony Rizzo told the Post on Wednesday (April 12) regarding Rosenhaus' apparent hopes for his band to break out.

Rizzo had posed for a clubhouse photo with the drummer and batboy, both of them wearing band T-shirts from The Open Doors. (See it below.)

Ready to make Rosenhaus' wishes come true and blow up his rock band? Visit The Open Doors on Instagram, YouTube, Apple Music and Spotify.

Watch Rosenhaus show off his locks below.

Nate Rosenhaus, New York Yankees Batboy, Goes Viral for His Long Hair

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