You remember Sweet Valley High, right, the book series detailing the adventures of twins Elizabeth and Jessica, and the lessons they learn along the way? For my generation, the books were unavoidable.  In fact, SVH was so popular they made a television series with the same title, and made Brittany and Cynthia Daniel household names. I haven't the words to describe the shear joy I feel at the thought of having a portrait done in the style of "Sweet Valley High" book covers.

Starting at $200, Florida-based artist James L. Mathewuse, who has made quite a career illustrating many book series' covers over the year, will create a custom portrait in the style of Sweet Valley High, Judy Blume, Nancy Drew, or Hardy Boys.

Wedding coming up, and you just don't know what to get for the Bride-to-Be who has it all? Looking for a one-of-a-kind, hysterical family portrait?  Just want a fun 80s-style (teased hair with scrunchie, big earrings, off-shoulder top, tight-rolled Z. Cavariccis, LA. Gear EVERYTHING) picture of you to hang on the wall, your office, your S.O.'s office?  Start saving your pennies, because Mathewuse's portraits fit the bill.

Add this to my bucket list:

  • Learn French
  • Learn cello
  • Get a portrait done in the style of a Sweet Valley High book cover

Yep.  That's a happy life right there.

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Random House

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