The whole "We'll pay you to..." phenomenon continues to grow.  The first one I remember was "We'll pay you to stay in our hotels in cool places around the world.." and just the other day there was a brewery that would pay somebody to drink their beer at an NFL game.  When they started out they were really cool with the travel paid and the big salary but now it's become here's a few dollars to do something relatively uninteresting.  Well, here comes another one that may fall somewhere in the middle.

We saw on that an entity,, wants to pay somebody $1,300 to watch 13 Stephen King movies by Halloween.  Obviously, time is not a factor at this point so what reason do they give?  Well, they want the viewer to track their "experience" which includes things like measuring heart rate, sleeping patterns and how much you liked each movie.  Sound like it's worth $1,300?  You can get to the next step by clicking HERE.

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