Who hasn't dreamed of having a bar in their backyard?  Hands?  Growing up in Kenosha, WI, people had bars in their houses in the middle of neighborhoods.  No really!  They had a 2 story house with the bar on the ground level complete with a beer sign out front and lived upstairs.  Certainly eliminated any need to drink and drive but also lead to getting too wasted to walk home.

Well now, according to simlpemost.com, you can get an inflatable Irish Pub in your backyard or wherever you want to inflate it.  There's a company called The Paddy Wagon Pub that has a huge inflatable pub for rent that can accommodate nearly 100 people.  It comes with several beers on tap and traditional Irish food.  It has all the cool fake stuff like a fireplace, chimney, light fixtures, the whole nine yards.  Right now they're only available in the Northeast but will soon be "expanding".  Get it?  Expanding?  Check out some other details and more pictures by clicking HERE.




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