It's a smaller version, and it's really cool!

The Banana car has driven thousands around the streets of South West Michigan and more! Remember when the judges from American Idol hitched a ride, or when the car made it into the Guinness World Record for Longest Banana Car? While now you can own a Banana Car yourself!

Discovered at the Target on West Main is the pride of Kalamazoo roadways, the Banana car! Matchbox has made the smart decision to produce a replica of Kalamazoo's most famous fruit car!

No word on the cost of the mini-car, but what a great Christmas gift for any car fan. Plus, this will be something that someone from Kalamazoo will keep for a lifetime.

Kylie Copeland posted on Facebook - "Yayy! That's so cool! Gonna pick one up for the kiddos in my family"

And Sean Henry Stated..."I need one for my collection".

I have been reading that Target has sold out of our beloved Banana Car, but the Matchbox car can be found on E-bay. I need to let Santa know so I can find one in my stocking on Christmas morning!

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