As hunters and outdoor sportsmen are some of the kindest and most generous people that I've met, it only makes sense that something like this would work.  Frankly, I already know it works because I've seen it in action on a private scale.  So why not take a great idea public?  Once again hunters can perform a public service by helping control the deer population and now help even more for those who need it most.

As we saw in an article on, the Michigan Department Of Natural Resources is partnering with Michigan Sportsmen Against Hunger to combat an unfortunately growing problem.  We already know that over 10,000 kids and their families are food insecure in Kalamazoo County alone and now the MSAH will get the meat (which is very healthy by the way) to food banks, pantries and other charity destinations.  As I've said before, I'm not a hunter but I believe that hunting is necessary to keep our ecosystem operating correctly, keep the public safer and provide food on a private and now public basis.  Find out how you can help and get more of this story clicking HERE.

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