You're more than likely to see the "Thriller" dance as the undead shuffle and shamble across the dance floor at Zombie Prom at Louie's in Kalamazoo.

In roller derby, a match is called a "jam," a word which you probably also know as old-school slang for music. Kick out the jams as  the Kalamazoooo Derby Darlins, our very own roller derby team, present: zombie prom. If you know any of these ladies, you know that they love to dress up, so costumes are strongly recommended for this one. Prom king and queen will be crowned at the stroke of midnight. An annual fundraiser put on by the girls who love the idea of blood on the track, they will leave it all on the dance floor at Louie's.

Zombie Prom | 8 pm Saturday, May 18 | Louie's Trophy House

Thankfully, there will be no banked curves or blockers to navigate, just the flat surface of the back room at Louie's and a fun-loving horde of derby drinkers and dancers. Think of it as a  slow-motion, full-contact prom. This is your jam.

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