Here comes one of my favorite sayings..."You can't drink all day unless you start in the morning."  I always attribute that gem to my father.  The truth is he never said it but he did know quite a bit about drinking all day.  He was a recovering alcoholic so I know a little bit about drinking for the wrong reasons.

Thankfully, my dad wasn't a constant drinker; more of a binge drinker.  The appropriate word would be "bender".  He'd fall off the wagon for a a couple days and not drink for years.  He, like many recovering alcoholics, drank for all the wrong reasons.  I guess if you're an alcoholic, there are no right reasons.  If there were ever a time to claim you're drinking for the right reasons it would be these days.

With so many people working from home you'd have to expect that more that a few would be imbibing a little earlier that usual.  I mean come on!  You finish a task and reward yourself with a snort.  If only that was the only reason.  The folks at and Nielsen have conducted some surveys and, sadly, the Pandemic is the #1 reason for drinking.

Lets face it, for years workers have been going out for lunch and having a few but this is different.  People are at home, their daily routines have been abandoned and so many self indulgences have been taken away... except drinking.  We already knew that Americans were drinking more but 1 in 3 are doing so during the day directly because of the Coronavirus Crisis.  Unfortunately, booze doesn't work to cure the anxiety and can even make it worse.

If you know someone who starts drinking in the morning so they can drink all day, support them any way you can and hopefully, if they need help, they'll want to get help.  I know from experience you can't force someone with a drinking problem to get help.

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Here are some tips for self-care during the pandemic: