How many bands have NEVER changed members since the very beginning? It’s one of the rarest feats in music, especially if an act has been around for decades. But believe it or not, there are 10 amazing bands that have remained intact since day one.

The most impressive streak in this list belongs to Radiohead. Since forming in 1985, the exact same lineup has performed on each album and at each live show. Most marriages don’t last 32 years, let alone a creative partnership between five dudes. You’ve got to give Radiohead credit, as they’ve pulled it off remarkably well.

Rammstein also stand out as a rarity in music. Since 1994, the six-man industrial juggernaut has remained structurally sound. The members of Rammstein cite group therapy as a major reason why they’re all still working together, with guitarist Richard Kruspe even claiming that if one bandmate leaves Rammstein, the German metallers will be finished.

Sadly, some of these bands chose to call it quits instead of search for another member. In the case of Rage Against the Machine, they functioned at an iconic level from 1991-2000 before Zack de la Rocha walked away. There was simply no replacing that voice, so Rage’s instrumental section teamed with Chris Cornell to form Audioslave, another band that never switched up its members.

Check out our picks for the 10 Greatest Bands Who Never Changed Members in the Loud List above!

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