For every Dave Grohl, there’s always an Axl Rose. Every genre of music needs its villains — it just makes things more interesting. With that in mind, here are 10 moments that solidified rock and metal stars as supervillains within our culture.

Oh, Chad Kroeger… you should have just kept your mouth shut about Stone Sour. With all the good faith Corey Taylor has built in the rock and metal world versus the hatred Nickelback has received, Kroeger’s “Nickelback Lite” comments had zero percent chance of going over well. Slipknot and Stone Sour fans went all-in against Kroeger, even going as far as to chant “Fuck Nickelback” during Stone Sour sets, much to Taylor’s joy.

Sharon Osbourne has long been a self-professed evildoer in the music industry, but it’s worked for her as Ozzy Osbourne’s longtime manager and the founder of Ozzfest. Sharon really drew the ire of Iron Maiden fans in 2005 when she orchestrated an egging of the legendary band at Ozzfest. Iron Maiden didn’t stand down, with Bruce Dickinson suggesting fans break the arm of anyone they see throwing an egg. Sharon later bragged about the incident on The Howard Stern Show.

Lars Ulrich and Napster became the most mortal of enemies in the early 2000s, so much that the two names will be forever entangled. Attacking a service that illegally gave Metallica’s music to fans wasn’t the issue though, Ulrich’s PR nightmare came after he ratted out over 300,000 Metallica fans to the site, leading to the suspension of their accounts. Let’s just say fans didn’t take it well.

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