With a grant donation from No Kid Hungry, 5 Michigan food banks have been awarded a total of $70,000 to support local children; including Kalamazoo’s own Loaves & Fishes. With the looming thoughts of a recession on the horizon and still empty shelves from Covid-19 shipping delays, food banks have been working hard to provide nourishment to Michigan residents despite these obstacles. For many of Michigan’s children, school is the only time of year a child is able to eat a regular meal thanks to the lunch assist programs. With a $10,000 grant from No Kid Hungry, Loaves & Fishes is able to keep up their donation efforts to feed Kalamazoo residents this summer.  

Kalamazoo’s Loaves and Fishes 

Kalamazoo’s food bank Loaves & Fishes has been “promoting a hunger-free community since 1982”. What was initially started by concerned neighbors, quickly grew into the organization that helps roughly 700 people in the community each day. As a ‘Food Bank Plus’, Loaves & Fishes distributes their donated food to 77 different locations throughout Kalamazoo County. Not only do they not require registration or ID for the 2 pick-ups per month, but someone can pick them up on your behalf or delivery is available.  

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If you would like to help or learn more about their program, visit Loaves & Fishes website. To find a local drop-off location to donate food and support the end of hunger in Southwest Michigan, Loaves & Fishes is partnering with OnStaff USA for “Dollar Drive Thru”. Donations will be accepted between 6am-6pm on July 7th at Traveler’s Café and Pub. 

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