The Rocker Morning Show with Meatball & Mark Frankhouse caught up with MTV Headbanger's Ball Host Riki Rachtman ahead of his 'One Foot In The Gutter Tour' where he shares his ups and downs from hosting a show on MTV, his friendship with Guns N' Roses, being arrested and coming full circle with it all on stage for fans across the country. Enjoy!

11 Best MTV Shows That Were Actually About Music

That’s what it was created for, after all. Given MTV’s increased proliferation of such comedy and reality programs (among other genres) over the last 30 years, it can be easy to forget that, you know, MTV stands for Music Television.

See Nirvana 'MTV Unplugged' in New York Photos

Photos of Nirvana during their historic MTV Unplugged session recorded Nov. 18, 1993. The show aired Dec. 16, 1993. The live album was released Nov. 1, 1994, five months after singer Kurt Cobain died by suicide.


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