The Rocker Morning Show was honored to be joined by the lead singer of one of the most influential lead singers to one of the most influential hard rock bands of all time, Brian Johnson of AC/DC. The vocalist, who has overcome a hearing loss scare, only to return to the band, has recently released a new book called 'The Lives of Brian,' which starts at his beginnings of auditioning for the band, to go on to release the highest selling hard rock album of all time in his debut, on Back In Black.

The book goes through his highs and some untold stories while in the band, but also hits on the hearing loss scare he went through a few years ago and everything in between. In the interview he did with us, he talks about the audition he had with the band and his mindset going into it:

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I went in, in my head "I wasn't gonna get this job." I was in a good little band up in Newcastle, I had come down from Newcastle to London to record an advert for Hoover. I said "Well when I'm down there I might as well go in but I know I'm gonna waste my time and theirs, but I knew they knew my name because Bon Scott had mentioned it, because me and Bon Scott had played together in 1973 when his band supported my band.

Enjoy this amazing journey into the life of Brian Johnson:

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