The second of three possible Elk hunts in Michigan ended with 131 state hunters harvesting 46 bulls, 72 cows and 13 calve plus one Pure Michigan Hunt winner even harvested a bull during the season claims the Michigan department of Natural Resources.  The hunts are part of Michigan's Elk population management program where the balance elk numbers and distribution must be controlled with ecological, economic and social concerns.

The first early hunt in October harvested 31 bulls, 52 cows and two calves, the Michigan Department of Natural Resources said in a news release.

The licenses to hunt Elk in Michigan are very limited and only accepted in May and awarded in July and only available through a drawing. Michigan hunter Brent Tackett was one of the fortunate ones to get a license and truly enjoyed his hunt after bagging a cow during his hunt in December.



“This was truly the experience of a lifetime, plus, I was blessed that I shot my elk successfully,” said hunter Brent Tackett.
"I shot through, over 120-yards up on a hill where the elk was momentarily standing, I really didn’t know Michigan had so many steep hills and that I would have to track elk over hundreds of them. The prize was getting my elk in a successful hunt, it was an amazing experience that I will remember for the rest of my life.” - MLIVE


A third hunting season is scheduled for Jan. 13-17 if the state’s population management goals aren’t met from the first two hunts. Want a shot at a license? For more info about the next hunt, click here.

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