It's a parent's worst nightmare. Myhia Perez of Paw Paw woke up last Wednesday morning to realize her 2-year-old son, Princeton, was not in his room. He wasn't anywhere in the home. He had managed to open the front door and vanished. She and Princeton's father, Dominic Peake, searched the surrounding property, but only found the toddler's sippy cup. Panic set in. Would they ever find their son? They would. With the help of another member of the family.

The Sheriff's office is crediting the return of Dominic to the family's pit-boxer mix, Apollo. Police were able to follow Apollo's tracks nearly a mile from the home. Apollo never left the toddler's side. Dominic was found to have scratches, bug bites, but was otherwise unharmed. His ever faithful dog sitting beside him. According to an article, Peake said:

I owe it to my dog, because if my son was alone who knows what could have happened.

What a very good boy.

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