Who's a good boy? Copper's a good boy. The one-year-old German Shepherd is the latest addition to the Emmett Township K9 unit. Honor Credit Union in Urbandale helped raise money to bring Copper aboard. But their fundraising doesn't stop there. They want to ensure that Copper continues to get the training and care he needs. They are selling shirts (designed by an Urbandale elementary school student - how cute is that?) for $15. The proceeds will go to continue the growth of the Emmett Township K9 unit.

Stefani Bishop

According to a website, K9 partners help to make officer's jobs safer and faster, by finding criminals or locating illegal substances far quicker than their human counterparts.

Stefani Bishop

Copper certainly has a big job to do, but that doesn't mean he doesn't have time for play. He stopped by Honor Credit Union to see some of the people who helped to get him trained...

Joann Kerr

...and even got the chance to check out the 2018 Rocker Classic Car (which he immediately thought he was supposed to search. His partner, Mark, had a hard time getting him to sit still.)

D'Kota Haselby

(...also, the height differential makes this photo look like "Take Your Daughter to Work Day.")

Welcome to the force, Copper! Thanks for helping to make our neighborhoods safer.

Stefani Bishop

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