This year the Rocker is giving away a 1974 Chevy Laguna S-3 for the 2018 Rocker Classic Car.   Check out a commercial clip featuring the car from the fall of 1973.

I found this old commercial looking around for clips of the classic car on YouTube.

This commercial originally aired in the fall of 1973 and showcased the look of the car.  It shows off not only the interior but also the swivel bucket seats in the front.

Being too young to have originally seen these cars it is cool to look back at the car as it was released.

According to conceptcarz dot com, the model became popular with NASCAR as Cale Yarborough won the first two of three championships driving one.

A rare cool looking car that is the 2018 Rocker Classic Car.

To win this year's classic car keep listening for the sounder weekdays.  You can also see it and get registered to win it at upcoming live events.  For more details and to see photos of the car click the link below.

Bonus Videos:



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