It may have been just an innocent announcement last week; the Kalamazoo City Commission approving funding for a project to redo Stadium Drive between Howard and Lovell in Kalamazoo. But you may be thinking, it's only February. Well, get used to it. We've got a list of projects that will, at the very least, cause annoyance and inconvenience all this year. The Stadium Drive project, for instance, is scheduled to go through November of this year. Aside from day to day commuting, it may impact traffic around Waldo Stadium on WMU football game day or two early in the season.

A new project is starting on US 131 from Shaver Road down through Schoolcraft until M-216, with the highlight being "Michigan Lefts" coming to southern Kalamazoo County and a portion of St. Joe County. And while we're on St. Joe County, shoulder work will happen from March through June on M-60 from St. Joe County, through Branch and into Calhoun County.

The long running (and some might say - never ending) Interstate 94 project through Kalamazoo continues for another year. The Michigan Dept. of Transportation website this project is schedule to be done September 24th of 2022 (this year). Currently, Portage Road on and off ramps are closing, and traffic shifts are listed, but this two year project is supposed to be completing at the end of summer this year.

And I-69 Calhoun County is also getting a facelift. Northbound I-69 from I-94 in Calhoun County to Ainger Road in Eaton County will happen this year, and Southbound happens next year. This is part of a rebuild into Easton County.

These are just a few of the major project on the calendar for 2022. There will be more "minor" ones, too. Happy motoring.

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