A video has gone viral of a Southfield School bus completely destroying a road as a crew is paving it.

It's unclear why on earth this school bus driver from Southfield completely ignored the road construction.  There were signs orange barriers and orange cones surrounding this construction site.  Not to mention, a road crew that was hard at work with a concrete truck.  But still, the school bus pushed on from one wet patch of concrete to another, completely destroying all of the work the crew just completed.  The full video of the school bus driving thru the wet concrete has been viewed nearly 4 million times so far in the last 5 days on TikTok and another 3 million times on Facebook.  You can see that video below these photos.

School Bus Drives Thru Wet Concrete

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In the days since the bizarre school bus moment went viral, the road crew has added more concrete and smoothed it out to complete the project as seen below.  On an unrelated note, the Southfield School system is hiring bus drivers.  Click here for more info.

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