It should be required to take a regular test to renew your driver's license. YES, you have to pass an eye exam, and YES, you have to have all the proper paperwork... but when was the last time you actually took a driver's test?

And not one where you drive around with an instructor, I'm talking about one on paper, with actual right and wrong answers about the rules of the road? Because I guarantee you, HALF of Michigan would fail. And, if we don't start learning how to properly navigate Four-way Stops, then drastic measures will have to be taken.

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It's a simple rule of the road, that we're all taught when we learn to drive, but nobody can seem to get it right.

Michiganders are apparently too nice, and we get the "hesitators" - People who pull up to the intersection, and either wave everyone on before they move, or wait until the entire intersection is cleared before they go.

SO, I am here to help. If you are one of those people, who hesitates at a 4-way stop in Michigan, I want to "learn you up," so the next time you come to one of these VERY common intersections, you aren't the one holding up traffic.

And just a little added incentive... if you keep screwing up how to use a four-way stop, then the people who design these roads have no choice, but to put in even MORE Roundabouts!


LOOK! A message to those who hesitate at 4-way stops

It shouldn't be that difficult, but yet it is. A brief look at the rules followed by a note for those who don't know what to do at these intersections.

Gallery Credit: Mike Brant

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