When was the last time you went to the movies? Many of us can't remember, either. For many of us, it's probably before Covid hit, which in my case means 2019, when I saw Yesterday. The movie showing industry's problems have been well-documented; Covid, home theatre, the theatre experience with strangers, the cost of a ticket, along with the popcorn and candy.

Well, in a small way, the movie biz is attempting to turn things around. And really, it's not much of risk. The theatre operators have come up with National Cinema Day for this Saturday, September 3rd. And $3 seats is the inducement to get you to go see a movie that day. Two of the biggest operators, AMC, which used to be in Kalamazoo, and Regal are doing this across the country as is the much missed Alamo Drafthouse. Locally it's kind of hard to tell. Celebration Cinema is definitely participating as is NCG. The Goodrich Theatres website doesn't say anything about it at the moment and the National Cinema Day website is inconclusive.

But here's the thing. Labor Day weekend is traditionally very slow for movie places, with it being the "last" weekend of summer, so any extra people that come in is a win. But here's something for people who love movies. There are some movies that just need to be seen on a big screen. No, not a 70-inch TV, but a big movie screen, and the best example is from this summer. Top Gun: Maverick. Another is Bullet Train. (and I noticed that NCG, not for this weekend but soon, has got a 3-D release of Jaws.) That's what the movie-going experience is all about. Or take your kids to some of the kid movies and get them started on loving movies.

And speaking of something straight out of the movies, check out this place.

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