Friday the 13th is almost here.  Whether you're superstitious or just cautious, you may want to avoid these 13 things in the Kalamazoo area.

#1.  Avoid walking under a ladder...especially at the Exchange Building construction site downtown Kalamazoo.

#2.  Break a mirror.  That's 7 years bad luck.  This cold weather is just ending, don't jinx us all.

#3.  Step on cracks.  Breaking your mom's back seems cruel.  Good news: stepping on potholes does not apply.

#4.  Opening an umbrella indoors.  The forecast on Friday shows rain with a high of 71.  Do the right thing.  Leave your umbrella in your car like you always do by mistake.

#5.  Black Cats.  Unless you're adopting a black cat from the SPCA of Southwest Michigan, just avoid them today.

#6.  Getting up on the wrong side of the bed.  It's unlucky to get into bed on one side and get up the next morning on the other side of the bed

#7.  Cutting your hair.  According to if you cut your hair on Friday the 13th someone in your family could die.  I know what you're, put those scissors down.

#8.  Avoid the number 13.  This could be tough if you live in the 13 Twenty-Four student apartments in Kalamazoo.  Yikes!

#9.  Avoid the number 666.  You might want to start by not going to Mattawan.  That exit is at mile marker 66.6 on I-94.  CREEPY!

#10. Don't spill salt.  If you do, you are supposed to throw salt over your shoulder.  Which seems like the same thing as spilling salt.  This one confuses me.

#11. Do not burn eggshells.  Is someone burning eggshells on a regular basis?  How is this a thing?

#12. A woman on a boat.  This is hands down the most sexist of the superstitions according to,

If you're a woman on a boat or a ship, your very presence may endanger the crew, according to old marine superstitions.

#13. Going on a date.  If you have a date planned for Friday night, maybe you should just cancel it.  Celebration Cinema will be open on Saturday the 14th.  Don't sweat it.



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