Final Gravity in Kalamazoo is hosting the Kalamazoo Brew Bus' Rocky Horror Picture Show view party. And, as always, the face of the Brew Bus, Tony Lapekas will be in full costume ready to rock you through the time warp, once again. Which costume, you ask? Well, Final Gravity and Kalamazoo Brew Bus have a little challenge going; 500 likes and 500 comments on this link, and Tony will dress as Tim Curry's character, Doctor Frankenfurter. Corset. Fishnets. Everything. The "likes" have been gathered, however they are waiting for 72 more comments before Lapekas will bite the bullet an don the speedos.

No stranger to cosplay, Lapekas dressed up as another recognizable character at Final Gravity/Kalamazoo Brew Bus' Rocker Horror Picture Show event last year. "I was Riff Raff," Lapekas mused, noting that he and his fiance often do couples costumes when doing Brew Bus events. "She is excited about me dressing as Frankenfurter." In fact, she is already trying to procure the costume pieces needed for the signature look. "(Lapekas' fiance) already offered some parts like the fishnet stockings..friends and family also offered help."

This all started as a suggestion following last year's viewing. Fans of RHPS were hoping he would show up at the viewing rocking the Sweet Transvestite's threads, however Lapekas admits he "Didnt have the nerve to do it." Nerve or not, if that post gets just 72 more comments, he's going to have to jump in with both stilettos. "I haven't worn a Speedo or briefs since high school. I was in incredible shape back in 2007... so I'm not looking forward to struttin' my stuff, just yet. Time to hit the gym!"

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