Kalamazoo Brew Bus/Final Gravity's most recent viewing (and rice tossing, toast throwing, toilet paper chucking) of Rocky Horror Picture Show was such a success they've decided to add another viewing this Friday, October 30th at midnight. Ring in the strangest Halloween on record with Tony, the Final Gravity crew, and The Time Warp.

The question remains... will Tony from the Kalamazoo Brew Bus be reprising his emcee duties in full Dr. Frankenfurter festoonery? Back in September, a Facebook post announced challenged fans of the Brew Bus, Final Gravity, and Rocky, that if they got 500 likes and 500 comments on a post regarding costuming, Tony would dress up as the sweetest of transvestites. Not surprising, it took them no time at all to gather the required interactions, and Tony donned the fishnets. He's a great sport.

As far as costumes required for attendees, well, they're not required, but are encouraged. I mean, it might be your only chance to dress up this Halloween, so take advantage of the opportunity. Tickets are between $7 and $15, and according to the event site, you are asked to bring the props you'll need to have a truly immersive (and traditional) Rocky Horror experience. As their event site says, "With thrilling props, the most outrageous callbacks, boisterous singing along, and stimulating pre-show games, we want these events to be your ultimate ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW – whether this is your 1st or 500th time."

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