Michigan drivers aren’t the best drivers in the country nor are we the worst drivers in the countryAccording to an annual study we rank right in the middle at 25 on the nation-wide list of worst driving states.  So basically, we possess average driving skills.   

Hard to believe we’re so average when it comes to driving in Michigan with so many road and highway challenges like roundabouts, Michigan left turns and the deplorable conditions of our roads. Yet here we are, average drivers at best.  

Whats the key to our success as average drivers? Probably because there are 8 things that every Michigan Driver knows that sets us apart from the best and worst drivers in the country.  They are...in no particular order: 

8) Speed up when the light turns yellow.  Everyone knows that on paper, yellow lights mean caution and warn you that the light will be turning red very soon so prepare to stop by slowing down. But paper doesn’t have a steering wheel and a gas pedal my friend and you need both in order to speed up and barrel through the intersection at a high rate of speed so you don’t get stuck waiting forever for the light to turn green again.   

7) Lane Change whenever you want.  There is approximately three and half feet between me and the car ahead of me. Plenty of room for you to just squeeze in without warning or use of a turn signal. 

6) Tailgate my car as close as possible.  I can only go as physically fast as the car in front me but if you ride my ass as close as possible, maybe together we can “will” the vehicle in front of me to move faster.   

5) Michigan left turns are safeEspecially when you have to cross 4-5 lanes after making your right turn.  Excuse me, coming over...trying to get in far-left lane ...excuse me.     

4) Roundabouts are a fun risk.  Don’t worry about who is next to you and behind you and who is pulling in front of you and all the other confusion that happens with a roundabout. Just close your eyes and drive you’ll make it out...eventually. 

3) Rolling Stops are fine when turning right. No need to come to a safe and complete stop when approaching an intersection with a red light and you’re turning right.  You have to be places and stopping to make a right turn is inconvenient, I get that. As a mater-of-fact don’t even brake just coast up to the intersection and make your right turn without even slowing down, I’ll brake hard after you pull in front of me and slam on my brakes.  You being in a hurry is way more important than my safety and the wear and tear on my brakes. 

2) To have a special savings account just for tire and front-end repair.  Given the conditions of our deplorable roads in Michigan, a certain percentage of our paychecks should be set aside for the inevitable front end and tire damage that will occur. Well, until we fix the damn roads. Then it won’t be necessary. 

1) Use turn signals 6 miles before you turn.  Look, I like to be alerted that you are turning as much as the next guy but com’ on damn it...turn already!!  


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