A road rage battle between and 80-year-old woman and a teen lasted from Traverse City to Suttons Bay.

According to MLive, apparently two totally different generations share some of the same problems...anger behind the wheel of a motor vehicle.

An evening in Leelanau County on April 8th got a little eventful when both an 80-year-old woman and a 17-year-old girl got in to a heated road rage battle that lasted all across the county.

The 17-year-old girl allegedly cut in from of the 80-year-old woman. So the elder of the two thought she would follow the teenager and inform her about her bad driving skills.

When the two were driving on M-22, the younger girl allegedly cut off the older woman a couple more times and went for the bonus round of also flipping granny the bird.

Luckily for other drivers on the road at that time, the Leelanau County Sheriff's deputies were able to pull both vehicles over about 20 minutes from where the battle began.

When a deputy went to chat with the teenager at her vehicle, he noticed the smell of the ganja reeking from her vehicle.

After a conversation with the young lady, she turned over 3 small bags of her stach.

The younger woman got a few tickets for driving violations. Then deputies called her mom to come pick her up. Uh oh.

No word on if granny received any tickets but at least one good thing came out of this event was that no one got hurt during the road rage incident.

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