The iconic Fountain Street Church has been a mainstay of Grand Rapids downtown since 1869. So why not hoist a beer named after them as a toast?

The beautiful church located at 24 Fountain Street has been a harbinger of liberal theology since its inception. Among the luminaries who have spoken at the church are Malcom X, Winston Churchill and Eleanor Roosevelt. The venue has also hosted concerts by the likes of Led Zeppelin, U2 and Frank Zappa.

So it's only fitting that Brewery Vivant has brewed up a limited edition saison to honor the historic old church. They released it at a 'Fill Up the Pub Party' Wednesday night.

"What is beer, but bread with an attitude?" Senior Pastor Fred Wooden told FOX 17 News. "We are not a conforming church in any sense of the word."

The beer is an ale brewed with lemon drops and Amarillo hops (hey, that rhymes!). It has a nice fruity taste, with a touch of light hoppiness.

"We’ve been an institution in this city for 150 years, it’s not just about us, it’s about the role we’ve had in this city. We’re standing in this immense sanctuary that was built as a public venue so people could use it, not just worship here,” Wooden added.

Brewery Vivant is filling about 35 kegs for its pub taps and canning 30 cases for distribution. It will be available until it sells out.




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