The chicken that the police referred to as Leghorn Chicken was finally apprehended after being on the loose for several days in the Gladstone area of the Upper Peninsula.

The chicken had run "a-fowl" of authorities for the last few days. Leghorn chicken, named after the Looney Tunes favorite Foghorn leghorn, was arrested, booked, and sent to the local animal shelter.

The brave officer spotted the chicken while on patrol near a campground. The Gladstone Public Safety Officer put his life on the line to apprehend this felonious fowl. After a brief foot chase, Foghorn Chicken was in custody. The department released a statement, with tongue firmly in cheek, that the residents of Gladstone could sleep easy knowing the chicken had been arrested. Yes, they were finally safe.

 MLive has a complete rundown about the foul and his arrest.

Over the years the stories of farm animals escaping, especially from slaughterhouses, have caught our attention. Most recently it was a cow who escaped a slaughterhouse in California. It was back in June that the cow made a desperate run for freedom. The police spotted her grazing in a park, but instead of sending her back to the slaughterhouse, the lucky cow was moooo-ved to an animal sanctuary to spend her days in freedom.

In New York City, back in 2019, animal escapes were happening quite frequently. In a 10 day period, they had a lamb, two goats, and a cow break free and run away. A woman from an area animal sanctuary compared it to the movie Chicken Run when all the animals were trying to escape.

In 2017 a brown calf was captured after running for her life from a slaughterhouse. The animal was running through the streets of Brooklyn, New York before being apprehended and luckily taken to an animal sanctuary.

I do love a happy ending.

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