As I have the past 7 years, I made my yearly trip to Michigan International Speedway for the Pure Michigan 400.  I'll admit I wasn't that excited about this years trip, but after the finish of the race I enjoyed it.

No Dale Jr. and it seemed to me like a lesser than normal crowd at M.I.S. for this years August race.   In years past I usually got a feeling of excitement from the fans in the stands.  This year just didn't have that at the start.   As the race went on, I got that feeling as well.   Joey Logano, Jimmie Johnson and Kevin Harvick led laps early.  It looked like one of them was gonna roll.

Something eventually changed once Chase Elliot worked his way up front along with  Kyle Larson.   I think the excitement changed in the race as neither of these guys have won a race yet in Sprint Cup.   It was cool to watch the two run up front for the latter half of the race.

Kyle Larson eventually picked up the checkered flag and had one of the best burnouts I've ever seen.   You could see his excitement as he picked up his first career Sprint Cup win.   The win also gets him into the chase.   Congrats on the win.   Although a hot one through out the stands,  it was another fun day at the track.  Till next August!