My love of Mexican food has been well documented over the years. I enjoy it like a craft beer fan loves his brews. I take in the whole plate, appreciating the presentation, aroma, attention to details. I ask how long the barbacoa has been simmering. I try the same taco with both shredded chicken and chunked just to taste the subtle difference. A refried bean snob, I can tell you which places in town to order an extra side. Being such a fan of Mexican cuisine it never occurred to me that I may not have been exposed to desserts and drinks. Sure I've had fried ice cream and churros, and lawd knows I've sampled my fair share of margaritas. But the Mexican dessert and beverage world offers so much more than deep fried/tequila goodness.

Ever since I saw the "Coming Soon" banner hung over the old Menna's Joint on Stadium Drive, I was counting down the days until I could see what Little Mexico (Juices/Ice Cream/Fruit & More) had to offer. My wait is finally over. Having officially opened September 8th, I got a chance to swing by for a quick sample of their wares. Giddy? You bet I was.

A Little Trip to Little Mexico

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