I can't remember the last time I carried actual cash which means I can't remember the last time I got change back.  I do remember that when I did get change back I usually looked for the "leave a penny take a penny" cup because what am I going to do with pennies?  Does anyone even have a change jar at home that you would wait to fill and use the final amount for something crazy?  Then there are those people who have wanted to eliminate the penny because A): it's not even worth a penny and B): It actually costs more to make them than they're worth.

It seems that neglect has created more of a market for the penny in that the rare ones are worth more than ever before.  In the "old days" I'd hear about what to look out for and then actually look but I haven't seen a penny in years.  Now, in an article on fox2detroit.com, there seems to be a bit of a "copper" rush or, in this case, a "bronze" rush.  According to CNBC, there are 7 pennies that could bring a chunk of change and some of those pennies are bronze instead of zinc.  Check out the list HERE and then start your search.

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